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About Us

ATRANS - Transports and Logistics was created on September 5, 2020 and has existed as a brand since 2019 when joining EuroTruck Simulator 2.


Since then we have been growing in the world of SCS simulators.

We are partners with several MAP Builders groups, where our presence is marked by various advertising posters, headquarters and even trailers with our logo.

ATRANS is a dynamic VTC that is always evolving, as it has a motivated, focused, professional and constantly expanding core team.

Initially we started as a VTC focused on the Trucksbook Race rank, nowadays, each member is free to play as they most identify.

Above all we want our members to have fun.

We are a community of gamers passionate about learning, growing and connecting with others.

What we offer:

  • Exploration of SCS simulators together.

  • Sharing knowledge and mods.

  • Private mods set (Paints various trucks and trailers among others)

  • Daily meetings (according to availability)

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